With the incredibly tough situation we are all facing, the importance of mental and physical health has never been more paramount. The benton family is now doing all we can to ensure EVERYONE has the opportunity to not only remain accountable for their physical health, but to optimise and sustain emotional well-being amid these tough times.
So… we are introducing our new virtual training program (available to non-members too! )

  • Completely interactive, you will be apart of our LIVE class & remain coached!
  • One class daily: 5:15PM weekdays & 8:30AM sat run by our very own benton coaches! Interacting with and motivating you live throughout the workout as well as correcting technique, all from the comfort of your own home!
  • These virtual sessions aim to replicate regular, face to face benton classes.
  • Equipment provided from BENTON to ensure you get awesome workouts *not limited to body weight.

The incentive for this program is to keep our tight knit community stronger than ever & our locals healthy during this confined time! That’s why we are opening our business to all

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